Anyone that comes across this link, click on it. From my experience as a server and going out it’s so important to tip accordingly. It’s not required but if the service and your experience were good then what is the problem? I have had so many good things and bad things go for me as a waitress for about only 2 and a half years now but been in the industry for about 5 years. So I have seen enough to know, so reading this I can agree with everything.


Cavana’s Pub & Grub

I don’t think I’ve talked about my parents restaurant on my blog before, but today I am here to show you the little bit of pictures I have of the food that’s on the menu! They’ve had this Restaraunt for about 2 years now and it’s getting busier everyday it feels like. The portions are huge and that’s the main talk when people come in! It’s enough to share it with 4 people! It’s all amazing food, fresh, and we got soups that are homemade. (Which my grandma makes all the soups, she’s the soup queen) I mean I don’t blame why people come here over and over again. I start to see the same people that come in lol.

We get a lot of good feedback so it’s all worth it in the end for opening this business. Hard work for-sure but I kinda love it because it’s weird to accept the fact my family owns a business with our last name on it! It’s a small town people talk but that’s not why they opened it. They want people to have a place to come too where it’s genuinely good food and worth the amount your paying for! Something that also really counts it’s presentation that customers look for, which I’ve really noticed. I can’t tell how you many times I hear when I give them there food.. “oh my gosh that looks beautiful.” “That looks gorgeous wow thank you so much” I mean that’s what it’s about right? I love taking pictures before cause it all looks so neat and unique in a way. All food is different wherever you go, but taking pictures is what makes the looks of it before you eat it all in one sitting.

It’s located downtown Sutter Creek, CA. You will not regret it.


So sometime last week I was working an 8-hour shift, then comes around in the evening time a young couple came in and asked to check out a menu then decided to sit down. Towards the end as they pay there bill then leave, the guy left me a little poem;

“A granite face, a river-smoothed stone.

A quiet place, friends make it home.

Strength through grace, the power of being alone.”

How deep for a small little poem to leave on your receipt?! I was surprised yet confused about why he did it but I kept it and now it’s hanging on my fridge. Until ill put it away in my box of all things I keep of cards, crafts, homemade things, letters from people who took their time to give to me or little spontaneous in the moment kind of things I love to keep. It may sound like hoarding but I promise you it’s not. I keep all my movie tickets too I don’t know what it is but its the little things always.

Anyways, I told Miguel about it and we literally talked about what it means, or at least what comes to your mind when you read it. What kind of imagination does it put you in? Honestly, in my perspective, I think it’s talking about a river with those round smoothed face rocks where the water leads into the river, its a place in the middle of nowhere but its a place to get away. The power of being alone is the main message because we are out in the world that can be scary but we as people like to get away and go to a special place that makes you feel happy. I’m always talking about how crazy life is and how we are all in it doing our own thing. This was just a little poem of wisdom and I loved it.

What do you think?

My View of the World

If someone were to ask you “what is your view of the world?” how would you answer? you see we live in this world where everyone is in this race trying to be successful in their lives. Everyone in the world is doing something different with themselves good or bad. Bad things will happen to us no matter how good we do for ourselves and for others we put first. Good things will come and remind you why your still here, it reminds you of all the good things that can happen. Living out in the world alone can be scary, you must figure things out on your own and that’s the best part about life because you get to experience new things, new challenges to take upon yourself.

There is so much to see in the world and life is too short to live by all these rules we are required for. I’m so sick of not doing what I need to do for myself. I view the world as for where I am in this life surrounded by millions of different people who don’t know each other and then we end up meeting them and everything is all connected. To me it is so strange how everything works, expenses are rising, homeless people everywhere, the middle-class isn’t good enough, the rich are just taking over while the middle class is slaving away to make there rent, pay for so much just to survive in the world to have a roof over there head and for their families. Can you imagine what it will be like in the next few years, the economy will go up on housing, you have to get a really good paying job these days to live an average life.

Why are we born in this world just to go to school, work, work, just to keep up on bills and everything cost money no matter what you’re doing, once you step out of your home you’re already spending money. Honestly, when I look back and think about life without any distractions it really amazes me where I am. It could be a lot worse but I am lucky to have my own apartment without having anyone telling me what to do, without anyone weighing things over my head saying “I helped you”. Wrong I got this on my own, I got approved without a co-signer on my apartment, words can’t describe how that feels for being almost 20 years old. I know who I am and I’ve worked hard to get where I am and save my money because I don’t want to drown. My next step in life is school, going to college to get my education back on track. Even if it is for my general ed I want to learn, I want to be a writer someday. I want to learn how to draw/paint more exciting bigger things. I want to expand. Be my own person for once and I can do that because I have the ability and the potential. Just like we all do. Start from the ground up and you’ll be successful if you work hard enough.

Look around you

Well, this is that time of year where people tell their loved ones what we’re thankful for, where we all come together on the dinner table going around one by one. However, I wish it was more spoken towards each other because what difference is letting someone know what you appreciate from them on a holiday than any other normal day, it should be the same.   Accept and cherish those moments with the people who love and support you, that is the kind of people you surround yourself with.  Not to mention there is the biggest fire in California history going on thousands of homes burned memories gone, people are going through a lot not having family get-togethers on Thanksgiving this year. Some are spending in a shelter or tents right now. It’s sad to see how slowly things keep crashing down in this world. We as a society should really take a step back and look at what’s going on in the real world today, tomorrow and always be updated on what’s going on it is so important.

My prayers are sent to all of you out there in this wildfire. Always remember what you have and be thankful to have your family because nothing is more important than family and I’ve learned a lot about that. We who got an opportunity in life and that’s huge to have something like that.

November​ 1st

Well first off I can’t believe its November 1st we are already hitting the holidays, my birthday is coming up and we are also hitting the year of 2019 time is going by so fast I can’t keep up anymore. Not to mention recently I applied for an apartment and hopefully Miguel and I approve for it on our own because it’s better that way for our credit!! So now we are waiting to hear back from them, which I hope we can approve and get out own place. Another exciting thing is we will be starting school in the springtime. There are big and great things to look forward to for the end of the year coming into a new year I couldn’t be more excited for it. So much room for self-growth and make big dreams happen. I would not imagine my life where it is right now but I’m happy with in the steps I’m taking myself in as i go day by day.

A lesson learned.

Today I am going to be talking about what happened to me on Friday 28th. It was a beautiful day off and I spent it with my boyfriend and my dog, so we went to the park and it was a really nice park in a nice neighborhood. This park was HUGE. So it wasn’t packed but people were spread out everywhere. So we had sandwiches to eat and we were playing catch with bailey, so after it happened we decided to put the rest of our stuff in the trunk. Reminder- my purse was in my car underneath the seat in the back. I did not think of anything we were fine in that moment, so we decided after dropping off our things, we went for a walk but Bailey was tired from playing so we said let’s go back to the car.

This is where I’m walking halfway to my car and before I say what happens next, I had thoughts about if someone were to break in my car I knew it was possible to happen anywhere especially in Sacramento because things are always happening around here. So I had already thought about this situation. I just did not think it was going to happen in where I was. I’m walking halfway to my car noticing my window but I thought I was seeing things and as I put two and two together I knew two things as I was running to my car and before I broke down into tears was knowing that my window was shattered and my purse was gone and everything inside of it. We were gone for 10 mins people and it happened so fast because I believe I was watched by someone and they were waiting for me to be gone far enough they could pull it off. My alarm did not go off because it was only the window, they did not open my door (that’s ridiculous by the way) I mean a car alarm should go off regardless if that happens. This person dove there body through my window, I felt violated, robbed, and scared. No one saw or heard anything when we asked, I couldn’t pull it together because first off I couldn’t process someone doing this to me because I don’t know who did this but they just made my life so much harder and I did not do anything to deserve this but they don’t care, they are getting the money and access of whatever they can get. Luckily I got in time where they only spent $40 on carls jr. then trying spending $100 at shell. I canceled everything in time, the only thing they got was $180 in cash, a nice wallet I just got from my mom along with a purse.

Till today I have not processed enough or accepted what happened. I came to realize I can’t let this person affect or ruin my life, I can’t lose any more sleep of them. It is not worth the fact of stressing about what they did, its over and they are long gone, this person will get karma and something will happen to them in their life for all the wrongs they’ve done to others. I’m sure this isn’t their first rodeo. I guess I am in the mood of not trusting no one where I’m surrounded and always be aware of who I am around, what I have with me, and not to mention I am glad everyone was safe it could’ve been much worse not knowing if we saw the person and they had a gun or knife. I think what gets me the most is the thought of what I need to do to get my life back into order. However, its okay and I know that because when I look back at this it won’t matter anymore.

This was a lesson learned for myself and I will be more ready for anything. Be safe, wherever you go anything within seconds, minutes, prepare yourself because if you’re not you’ll lose all control instead of knowing what to do right away. Learn from this it can happen to any of us. Bad things happen to good people, its part of what happens in life. Life sucks. lol