We live in a society where everyone makes choices that will lead them in either the right or wrong direction. Which will lead them the outcome of those choices. How can you know everything and not make any mistakes? Then you would be living in a perfect bubble, and that doesnt happen.

For example, when your in a relationship you tend to lose yourself. you don’t notice because your focus goes all towards that person. You make a choice thinking its all for the right reasons. Your main goal is to make sure there happy and if they need anything you’ll be there. You drop everything for someone, you go from that 3 A.M. talks to travling to new spots, meeting new people, makes memories, sharing music, to nothing one day. Poof like that it can be gone so easy. Ya’ll become strangers. Come on really dig deep, see the pros and the cons of this. Life has given you so much already, so what are you going to do with it? Focus it on one person and ignore everything else? No you take action and focus on one thing.. yourself.

Through everything, writing has made me grow a lot and became a huge passion for me. People should be able to express how they feel only if they want to. However, writing gives you an opportuinity to express how you feel without any judgement. I started writing young and i wrote anything when i knew i was feeling down. Whether that be me getting in trouble, my parents aruging, or something going on with friends. Whatever the cause may be, it would sink in and i’d let it out by writing. You can make writing into whatever you want it to be about. I made my blog for all the right purposes. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.


New start

I’ve been away blogging for a bit but it’s good I’m here because it’s time for a new start in life.

Some personal things in my life haven’t been going well according to what I had hoped for. Unfortunately things don’t always work out like you think they would. That’s okay, why? Because later down the road whatever your worrying about now won’t matter to you in the fututre, you will not be in that same mindset like you are now. These things will happen.

People change.. life changes all around us everyday, when we least expect it. Sometimes you have to open up your eyes and block out the negativity away that’s weighing your feelings down. You have something to look forward to in life, there is always an opportunity. Becoming yourself, being happy within who you are is not something everyone feels. Takes time for certain aspects of things in life that you have to go through.

Ive been gone for some time on my blog like i said in the beginning. Many times i’ve opened up my laptop and honestly i freeze almost everytime. A lot has gone through my life within such a short amount of time, that ive been trying to process it. This post is called “New Start” because its about to be one in my life for myself. New Start of everything, clean slate. Now its just up to me on which path i desire to go on.

There is so much to learn out there still, i hope people realize that. Life is too short and you can’t worry about the small things. Although, I am excited to share my journey with people im surround by who makes me happy and see it for myself.


David Goggins is an American ultramarathon runner, motivational speaker, retired navy seal, former U.S. air force who served in the war in Afghanistan and the Iraq war, lastly an author.

Now I had no idea who David Goggins was until not that long ago, I’ve started listening to podcasts about him, reading his book he wrote about his childhood growing up, what he’s gone through mentally and physically. After only reading the first chapter I am so interested in him, he’s so inspiring. You look at someone else’s life and see what a messed up childhood development they went through and they become a better version of themselves, they become successful. Then I compare and I look on my life, I see the changes I need to make for my future and for myself. These kind of things are real and they happen. Life is short.

The reason I’m talking about this author and his book because he wants you to be challenged with your mind. He is so real and does not care about what other people think. For someone who transforms himself from a depressed, overweight young man with no future turned into a U.S. armed forces icon and one of the worlds top endurance athlete. He did that through self-discipline, mental toughness, and hard work. Tell me that not inspiring or motivational at all?

I can not wait to read more into this book and share more of my thoughts about it. I highly recommend looking him up on youtube and listening to him share his story and go buy the book! David Goggins will open up your eyes if you’re struggling or having a hard time motivating yourself.

Goggins proves that your body can handle anything if you let your mind keep up. There’s no way to stop something or someone that doesn’t understand the concept of being beat.”

-Marcus Luttrell



My View of the World

If someone were to ask you “what is your view of the world?” how would you answer? you see we live in this world where everyone is in this race trying to be successful in their lives. Everyone in the world is doing something different with themselves good or bad. Bad things will happen to us no matter how good we do for ourselves and for others we put first. Good things will come and remind you why your still here, it reminds you of all the good things that can happen. Living out in the world alone can be scary, you must figure things out on your own and that’s the best part about life because you get to experience new things, new challenges to take upon yourself.

There is so much to see in the world and life is too short to live by all these rules we are required for. I’m so sick of not doing what I need to do for myself. I view the world as for where I am in this life surrounded by millions of different people who don’t know each other and then we end up meeting them and everything is all connected. To me it is so strange how everything works, expenses are rising, homeless people everywhere, the middle-class isn’t good enough, the rich are just taking over while the middle class is slaving away to make there rent, pay for so much just to survive in the world to have a roof over there head and for their families. Can you imagine what it will be like in the next few years, the economy will go up on housing, you have to get a really good paying job these days to live an average life.

Why are we born in this world just to go to school, work, work, just to keep up on bills and everything cost money no matter what you’re doing, once you step out of your home you’re already spending money. Honestly, when I look back and think about life without any distractions it really amazes me where I am. It could be a lot worse but I am lucky to have my own apartment without having anyone telling me what to do, without anyone weighing things over my head saying “I helped you”. Wrong I got this on my own, I got approved without a co-signer on my apartment, words can’t describe how that feels for being almost 20 years old. I know who I am and I’ve worked hard to get where I am and save my money because I don’t want to drown. My next step in life is school, going to college to get my education back on track. Even if it is for my general ed I want to learn, I want to be a writer someday. I want to learn how to draw/paint more exciting bigger things. I want to expand. Be my own person for once and I can do that because I have the ability and the potential. Just like we all do. Start from the ground up and you’ll be successful if you work hard enough.

Look around you

Well, this is that time of year where people tell their loved ones what we’re thankful for, where we all come together on the dinner table going around one by one. However, I wish it was more spoken towards each other because what difference is letting someone know what you appreciate from them on a holiday than any other normal day, it should be the same.   Accept and cherish those moments with the people who love and support you, that is the kind of people you surround yourself with.  Not to mention there is the biggest fire in California history going on thousands of homes burned memories gone, people are going through a lot not having family get-togethers on Thanksgiving this year. Some are spending in a shelter or tents right now. It’s sad to see how slowly things keep crashing down in this world. We as a society should really take a step back and look at what’s going on in the real world today, tomorrow and always be updated on what’s going on it is so important.

My prayers are sent to all of you out there in this wildfire. Always remember what you have and be thankful to have your family because nothing is more important than family and I’ve learned a lot about that. We who got an opportunity in life and that’s huge to have something like that.

A lesson learned.

Today I am going to be talking about what happened to me on Friday 28th. It was a beautiful day off and I spent it with my boyfriend and my dog, so we went to the park and it was a really nice park in a nice neighborhood. This park was HUGE. So it wasn’t packed but people were spread out everywhere. So we had sandwiches to eat and we were playing catch with bailey, so after it happened we decided to put the rest of our stuff in the trunk. Reminder- my purse was in my car underneath the seat in the back. I did not think of anything we were fine in that moment, so we decided after dropping off our things, we went for a walk but Bailey was tired from playing so we said let’s go back to the car.

This is where I’m walking halfway to my car and before I say what happens next, I had thoughts about if someone were to break in my car I knew it was possible to happen anywhere especially in Sacramento because things are always happening around here. So I had already thought about this situation. I just did not think it was going to happen in where I was. I’m walking halfway to my car noticing my window but I thought I was seeing things and as I put two and two together I knew two things as I was running to my car and before I broke down into tears was knowing that my window was shattered and my purse was gone and everything inside of it. We were gone for 10 mins people and it happened so fast because I believe I was watched by someone and they were waiting for me to be gone far enough they could pull it off. My alarm did not go off because it was only the window, they did not open my door (that’s ridiculous by the way) I mean a car alarm should go off regardless if that happens. This person dove there body through my window, I felt violated, robbed, and scared. No one saw or heard anything when we asked, I couldn’t pull it together because first off I couldn’t process someone doing this to me because I don’t know who did this but they just made my life so much harder and I did not do anything to deserve this but they don’t care, they are getting the money and access of whatever they can get. Luckily I got in time where they only spent $40 on carls jr. then trying spending $100 at shell. I canceled everything in time, the only thing they got was $180 in cash, a nice wallet I just got from my mom along with a purse.

Till today I have not processed enough or accepted what happened. I came to realize I can’t let this person affect or ruin my life, I can’t lose any more sleep of them. It is not worth the fact of stressing about what they did, its over and they are long gone, this person will get karma and something will happen to them in their life for all the wrongs they’ve done to others. I’m sure this isn’t their first rodeo. I guess I am in the mood of not trusting no one where I’m surrounded and always be aware of who I am around, what I have with me, and not to mention I am glad everyone was safe it could’ve been much worse not knowing if we saw the person and they had a gun or knife. I think what gets me the most is the thought of what I need to do to get my life back into order. However, its okay and I know that because when I look back at this it won’t matter anymore.

This was a lesson learned for myself and I will be more ready for anything. Be safe, wherever you go anything within seconds, minutes, prepare yourself because if you’re not you’ll lose all control instead of knowing what to do right away. Learn from this it can happen to any of us. Bad things happen to good people, its part of what happens in life. Life sucks. lol

My visit to​ San Luis Obispo

Wow, I had quite the adventure, I went to SLO for the first time to visit my brother. As I mentioned along in my last post with how he lives there working as a barber. I honestly did not know what to expect while being over there… four and a half hours away but I had a blast! Let me tell you all the great things I had experienced.

First off I must say its beautiful down there, I love it the people there are INCREDIBLY nice!! It was a perfect sunny green day along with the wind blowing in my hair enjoying the nice air on my little vacation. What I really loved and noticed about San Luis Obispo was there it was super calm, chill, and clean. I say ‘clean’ because comparing from Sacramento, San Fransisco, all the places I’ve been around it was so clean and not filled with trashed all over the streets, or shit on the side of the road.. i mean here wherever you would walk it was overall nice. Wouldnt you want the place you go on for a getaway to be relaxing, clean, and enjoyable?! I know I do. Especially the people are so nice, make eye to eye with you, say “hello” it was absolutely perfect. My mom always says “you don’t have to go on big trips to have fun, its all about the experience.” Which was the perfect thing to say at the moment we were in.

However, the food I can not even begin to say what I tasted in foods for my first time. Has anyone else moaned over food because it was so good that every bite you just moaned?! Because that was me all of the trip, I couldn’t resist and good thing I took lots of pictres! I mean we had pork chops, halibut, pork belly, oysters, crab cakes, raw fish, A LOT of incredible foods I am thankful I was able to expierence. The presentations where gorgeous until we dove in and devoured it within minutes… lol oops.. too soon?

Finally, I can say I was even more thankful I was there with my mom and my brother because I had a blast spending quality time with my mom and see my brother who I occasionally see ever. Living that far can be hard to make trips to visit so often. Mom and I were shopping, laughing not having a worry in the world. You know for a while before this trip I had this feeling overcome me where I didn’t feel exactly on the same page myself with my parents. Things got a little bumpy with personal things going on in general. Until this trip, I saw it also as a detox because we had no distractions around us which was so so so nice. I got to hang out with my brother who I’ve seen grow into this person who is finding himself more and more every day, seeing what he is doing he absolutely loves and wants to continue to learn more about cutting hair whatever he can learn! He has dreams! Big ones. That boy is making moves and I wish nothing but the best for him in his journey of life. Later down the last couple days together, we got to see the sunset together along with ending the night with a beautiful dinner where there was no stress. I couldn’t be more happy for the family time. ❤



After having all this food I took pictures of I’m starting to want to create a separate blog of all the different foods I taste and experience, because of how good everything is its like how could you know to show it off to other people?! Anyway, i have enjoyed talking about the scenery, the weather, the food, people, my family and overall the time being there. I hope you all enjoyed this post! 🙂

A little getaway

In this particular topic, my mom and I are going to San Luis Obispo to visit my brother Michael who lives there! He’s lived down there for a while now, he went to barber school and now he’s a barber cutting hair doing what he loves and he loves where he lives! I have never been to SLO before, I am very excited because I can’t wait to go to the little shops downtown and hanging out with family is exactly what I need for a few days. A little getaway. I can not wait to share on my blog about how my experience was, along with all the pictures! I haven’t been able to go on a little trip because everyone is so busy all the time working so this will be a nice time to spend relaxing and hanging out. 🙂



Life is changing

There’s always those times in life where it feels like your trying your hardest but your not getting to exactly where you want to be in that particular time. It feels like something is blocking you from it but it’s not. That’s what I feel like inside. It feels like I’m trying to get my point across inside me but when I do talk in person no one is listening…. get what im saying? So many people are getting in my way and into my life that is actually affecting me. It’s no ones concern but mine. Unless if I want to let you know I will no worries, but other than that I don’t need 20 questions of what I’m doing or where I’m going or who I’m going with. I’m grown I do things for myself. People don’t control your life the only one that does is YOU. YOU are in control. I hate when no one takes me seriously or just brushes off what I say, when I know deep down it’s something serious that affects me the way I feel. Why doesn’t anyone listen anymore? Seriously wtf is wrong with people in this generation I feel like I can’t connect with anyone my age, it’s hard to keep conversations going or have anyone take me serious. Like all I want is to sit down and talk and have eye to eye contact with open ears ready to listen. But no one can do that. Genuinely that’s how I’m feeling all the time. Everyday I wake up I want it to be a great day and let nothing stand in my way but there’s always one fucking thing that does. Everything is so complicated now. I don’t know if I’m the only one that feels this way but everything feels like it slowly falling down and not staying together anymore, and I feel like no matter what I’m doing I can’t fix it no matter how many times I try.

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